The Canadian Dog Trainers Association & Registry (CDTA)

A non Profit Private Organization.

Due to the ever increasing popularity of pet ownership, specifically dogs, there has been an influx of individuals determined to benefit from this lucrative industry.

While many are legitimate, the CDTA is alarmed by the growing number of dog trainers claiming to be professionals in the field.

They read a book or take an obedience class and then promote themselves as trainers. The unfortunate truth is that they are getting away with it.

The damage these individuals are doing to the profession, not to mention the dogs they train, is unacceptable.

The Canadian Dog Trainers Association was created for, and is committed to, putting a STOP to this.

The CDTA will be publicizing its purpose throughout the media in the very near future.

This campaign will inform both the general public and pet-related businesses of the existence of the Registry.

The public will be encouraged to verify who is (and who is not!) a registered member through this on-line registry which will ultimately lead to a massive filtering of the pretenders.

This new awareness will compel trainers to apply to the Registry where their credentials will be checked thoroughly, adding further to the filtering process.

Genuine training professionals will then be displayed at the aptly-named website,

The CDTA will do the upmost to have all individual trainers and training schools registered with its organization comply with its Professional Standards and Code of Ethics, ultimately ensuring the welfare of dogs and their owners.

PLEASE REGISTER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. By neglecting to register you will not benefit from the status of a professional with the Trainers Association Standards and Code of Ethics. This Registry is essential to the purpose of separating the pretenders from the professionals.

The choice remains yours. Are you a registered business in dog training? Click here Are you a trainer but not yet a registered business? Click here